VG360 is currently a functional prototype embedded within a Total Station. If you are interested in finding out more about developing an integrated solution please contact us.

VG360 is a revolution in structural monitoring technology.

Imetrum has 30 years heritage of structural monitoring using images. We have the most robust, highest resolution image tracking algorithms for on-site projects, and also understand the requirements for processing efficiency and data management.

VG360 builds on this capability to deliver the potential for the next generation of Robotic Total Stations. Imetrum have fused our core IP with sensor data from within a robotic total station to create reflectorless monitoring, without any loss in angular resolution.

VG360 delivers a Prism-less; Dynamic; Multi-point Total Station.

The key to doing this accurately and efficiently for an end user has been a combination of Imetrum’s core technology, and new IP generated around sensor fusion. The device is simple to calibrate, and mimics the workflow of existing devices.


VG360 physical overview

VG360 prismless monitoring

VG360 multipoint dynamic monitoring