Our image processing and computer vision software, Video GaugeTM, is characterised by its resolution, accuracy and versatility:

  • Measuring motion across a range of applications
  • Ultra-high resolution (sub-micron precision)
  • Reliability of measurement (real-time, multi-point)
  • Operational savings (time and money, ease of use).

This advanced software tool delivers fast, ultra-high resolution measurement of displacement, rotation, strain and extension on any material or structure. It manages the control, capture, processing, and analysis functions for all Imetrum’s non-contact precision measurement systems. It is built on top of Imetrum’s patented sub-pixel pattern recognition technology.

The benefits

  • Measure anything anywhere, using the most robust pattern tracking algorithms available.
  • Measure what others can’t see, with the highest resolution image processing algorithms (up to 1/500th pixel).
  • Simple to learn, use and calibrate – half a day’s training will get you up and running.
  • The ultimate in flexibility – a toolbox full of virtual measurement tools including LVDTs, strain gauges, extensometers and tilt meters that can be set at any orientation.
  • Real-time measurement of 100s of points.
  • In-depth analysis via multiple camera support
  • Further in-depth post-process analysis of video archives, including from high speed cameras and microscopes.
  • Record and analyse data with precisely synchronised external analogue and digital data streams.
  • Understand your results easily with intuitive graphical data displays.
  • Operate efficiently, with on-board data and video management tools as well as easy export into other applications.

Robust monitoring

We provide the most robust point tracking and digital image correlation (DIC) software available. Our image processing algorithms can continue to monitor and measure even in the harshest of outdoor environments. View our robust monitoring video showing timber, concrete and a target behind glass at a distance of 50m, over several day/night cycles, including during fog and rain.


How to Set Up and Use Video Gauge for Calibrated Displacement

Robust monitoring using an imaging total station

Case Studies

Accuracy of Imetrum system for displacement measurement