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Customer support

Support ticket

If you would like us to resolve an issue you may be experiencing when using our systems or software the best way to ensure a swift response is to complete our Support ticket (via Google forms) which guides you through a series of questions.

Contact us

Alternatively we have a dedicated support inbox via: Including your order number, the serial numbers of your system components or software licence number together with a Windows event log or relevant videos/images and a summary of the behaviour happening will help us to resolve any problems promptly.


You may find the information you need from our series of technical and application notes in the support menu. You will need to be signed in to view and upload.

Remote link up

We may ask you to link up via TeamViewer so we can see what you are experiencing and remotely connect to your System Controller to investigate an issue further. This allows us to view your screen and take control of your keyboard and mouse. Download our remote support client and send us the ID when requested. We can only connect into your System Controller when the remote support client is running.

Repairs and returns

Following our initial support remotely, if you would like us to further review an issue you may be experiencing with our systems we have the option for you to return the item to us for investigation. In the first instance please contact us via and we will allocate you an RMA number. Please quote this on all correspondence. Subject to whether the component/system is still under warranty

We have a two-step process to update software licences. When prompted by Imetrum to complete any updates, follow our Remote software licence update process.

Product information

View our more detailed product information from our Support menu. When logged in you will be able to download and access a variety of resources that are applicable to you.

You may also be interested in our series of product information sheets from our product pages - just select the system range that meets your requirements and you can download the relevant PDFs.

If you would like a demonstration or more information about our products, please get in touch.

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