Universal Video Extensometers

UVX and coupon

Imetrum's Video Extensometers save you time and money when testing and qualifying materials. They offer traceable, best in class resolution, with proven Video GaugeTM technology delivering performance way beyond the alternatives. Imetrum systems meet the most demanding requirements for strain, elongation and modulus measurements in tensile, compression, flex, shear and peel tests.

Our Video Extensometers can deliver resolutions to better than 3 microstrain / 10 nanometres. They also calibrate to unparalleled accuracies, with ISO9513 class 0.5/ASTM E83 B-1 possible, even at low strains and gauge lengths.

Choose the right system for you – either UVX (ideal for all standards based material testing, high throughput test facilities and busy labs), or UVX Flexi (enhanced user flexibility for those performing complex custom testing).

The benefits

  • Time and cost savings, with minimal sample preparation and intuitive software
  • Measures through failure without risk of damage to the equipment
  • Avoids problems of clip-on devices that can compromise results, such as knife edges slipping or causing damage to the specimen
  • Eliminates the costs and operational challenges of using strain gauges
  • Re-analyse a test, even after the specimen has been destroyed, by post-processing a video archive
  • Compatibility with a wide range of test frames and control software
  • Simple target marking solutions to facilitate the highest quality measurements.

Eliminates the need for multiple measurement devices :

  • Works with all materials (e.g. composites, metals, plastics, rubbers, ceramics)
  • Use for tension, compression, flex and shear tests
  • Hazard-free use for high and low temperature testing (from less than -100°C to more than 1000°C)
  • More than 200 simultaneous measurements in real time
  • Measures axial, transverse and dual-average strains & extensions
  • Measures modulus, elongation, Poisson’s ratio, shear strain, rotation and displacement
  • Incorporates Full-field Digital Image Correlation capability.


Automatic measurement of crack length on composite DCB specimen

Full wire set up

Lap Joint with Strain Map

Case Studies

CS103 - Axial strains in <0.7mm diameter carbon rods


CS106 - In-situ measurement of shear strains in bonded joints


CS102 - Accuracy: Strain measurement


CS104 - Consolidation and shrinkage in composites manufacture


CS111 - Strain gauge, extensometer and Imetrum system comparison


CS105 - Extracting strain data from high speed video