Digital Image Correlation

Strain map

Imetrum were the pioneers of real-time precision measurement using video. Our roots go back to the 1980s, with University of Bristol research on outdoor structures and composite materials. The fundamental principles behind Imetrum’s software are often referred to as Digital Image Correlation (DIC), although Video Gauge™ has been independently benchmarked to be an order of magnitude more accurate than other DIC software. There are two ways this measurement capability can be delivered. Video Gauge™ offers both in one package:

a) A point-point approach to mimic traditional gauges (up to 1kHz real time output), but with all the benefits of non-contact measurement.

b) Full-field maps of strain and displacement can identify stress concentrations and cracks over a whole test area. Full-field DIC offers a time-saving visual tool for scanning an area under load to identify areas of high stress, crack opening or other discontinuities, and is frequently used for verifying FEA analysis. It can be run simultaneously with point-point gauges when the highest accuracy data is required.

The benefits

  • Measure anything anywhere – the most robust pattern tracking algorithms available
  • Measure what others can’t see – the highest resolution image processing algorithms (typically 1/500th pixel)
  • Simple to learn & use, with application-specific calibrations – half a day’s training will get you up and running.
  • The ultimate in flexibility – a toolbox full of virtual measurement tools: LVDTs, strain gauges, extensometers, tilt meters, full-field maps of strain (inc. shear strain), displacement & position.
  • In-depth analysis via multiple camera support (up to 8) and precisely synchronised external analogue and digital data streams.
  • Further post-process analysis of video archives including high speed cameras and microscopes.
  • Easy export to other applications with on-board data and video management tools.


Real-time strain map on reinforced concrete beam (four-point bend test)