Concrete foundations and digger

Quick and safe to set up

Ground movement is a major factor to design for and mitigate against during construction and throughout the operational period of tunnels, embankments, diaphragm walls and other foundations. Our system is a useful part of the engineer’s toolkit for assessing geotechnical structures.

Where space is limited within tunnels, the small form-factor of Imetrum’s cameras and short to medium range lenses allows for unobtrusive installation. In most tunnels, then the pattern of the lining (whether brick, cast iron or bolted concrete segments), is sufficient enable the system to track movements accurately, making it ideal for detecting ovalisation (convergence, squat or elongation), without the need to place multiple devices or reflectors down a tunnel length. The system uses network cable to transmit data back to a computer, meaning that cameras can be up to 100m from a power source, and many km from the main controller.


Data transmition via modem (wired or wireless) is also possible, as is connecting into the cameras remotely to take a look at what is happening in any given location.