LVDT non-contacting measurement tool

Non-contacting alternative to LVDTs

Imetrum has developed a non-contacting linear variable differential transformer (LVDT) measurement tool within Video GaugeTM software for component testing and structural monitoring.

  • Have you ever tried to install an LVDT in a tight spaced area?
  • Is it difficult to obtain the measurement direction due to position of LVDT?
  • Do you want to save time, money and be measuring safely?
  • Has the installation of an LVDT influenced the testing (e.g. inside a wind tunnel)?
  • Would it be great to have 2 and 3 axis measurements from the LVDT rather than a single axis?
  • Do you use dial test indicators (DTIs) and experience measurement difficulties?

If you've ever experienced any of the these issues, Imetrum’s virtual LVDT tool offers a solution. It allows precise measurement in hard to get to spaces as long as the measurement can be seen by video. As it is non-contacting, it will not influence the test data like a physical LVDT would when trying to measure displacement inside a wind tunnel for example and the airflow being affected by the sensor. The tools provides additional data by giving displacement in both the x and y axis, and if in 3-D the z axis, giving extra information previously not available. When measuring outdoors, where mounting options of traditional LVDTs and obtaining possession orders can be costly and time consuming, Imetrum’s tool will save time and money. It’s quick and easy to set up and testing can commence in 15 minutes and not hours as previously experienced with other traditional solutions.